There is an arrow a bit further down. Just click on it and it will take you to my site which will give you an immediate evaluation or simply read on first. Since Google introduced it's Panda Update in early 2011, there are now millions of websites worth far less than they did before. You do not want your website to decrease in value, do you? If you check what price you could sell it for today you might be shocked. This is because people do not understand how websites are normally valued on online auctions. Some of the things that buyers are looking for are things like - 1. Number of Daily Unique Visitors to your site every day 2. How many pages people view on your site every day 3. How popular is your site (authority often linked to Page Rank) 4. The earning potential. 5. The value of the topic of interest. One of the ways to check how well a website is doing is to simply type the URL address into Webstats Art (link below)

Via: WebStarts

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